The James W. Crawford process is designed to ensure that every project is completed on-time, on-budget, and to your most exacting standards.  Here’s a walk-through of our procurement services, from start to finish.

Preliminary Budget

  • Master Purchasing Lists produced (FF&E/OS&E)
    • Purchasing attends Interior Design meetings/presentations to establish baseline FF&E details 
  • Provide designers cost-effective alternatives from their specifications
  • Obtain competitive quotes 
  • Establish production times to set project timelines 
  • Calculate estimates for shipping, storage, installation, fees, taxes, duties, and miscellaneous fees
  • Order and install model room for owner, operator, and designer presentation 

Vendor Selection and Ordering 

  • Factories are sourced, interviewed and inspected 
    • Domestic, Mexican, and other worldwide manufacturing resources are utilized
  • Budgets approved 
  • Timelines set 
  • Purchase Orders are written by JWC 
  • PO’s issued
    • Funding to vendors can be made via check or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) from our office, tied back to the cash flow agreed upon by Owners and James W Crawford Company for a negotiated fee
    • Funded by Owners direct to vendors 

Project Installation and Logistics 

  • Goods are monitored from the factory to warehouse, including all necessary customs documentation, packing lists, and commercial invoices 
  • Goods received at warehouse from vendor 
  • Condition of shipments inspected and verified 
  • Inventory of goods is maintained
  • Installation coordinated by JWC 

*  JWC will also ensure that any product deficiencies, insurance claims and challenges are resolved and settled prior to the closing out of our books.

We will charge a negotiated fee for the OS&E and FF&E purchases. We believe that our knowledge of the product and motivation to secure the best quality for the best value makes our involvement mutually beneficial. 

We may negotiate specific arrangements with clients in addition to those included in this general outline of our services.